Steps To Create Instagram Story And Useful Tips


Instagram has always thrilled it’s users with a lot of cool features. But only a few have kept them engaged for this long . Instagram Story is a feature within the Instagram app where users can capture and post images as well as short videos usually in a slideshow format.


a lot of users engage in using the feature to share stuff about their recent holiday trips or even show the latest dance moves and the beauty of it is that there’s no limit to how many stories you can create. If you are yet to get the Instagram app on your phone, read up posts on how to get it on Andriod and iOS.

Steps To Create An Instagram Story

Steps to create an Instagram story

  • Launch your Instagram app
  • Push the camera icon or swipe right from anywhere.
  • Next tap on the capture button to take a photo or push and hold to record a video. Alternatively, you can choose photos and videos from your phone’s gallery.
  • Use the pencil, letter, or sticker icon to draw or add text or a sticker to your story.
  • To remove the text or a sticker, press on the text or sticker and drag it into the trash icon.
  • When you’re ready to share, push the “Your Story” button at the bottom left of your phone.
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How To Save IG  Stories

You can also save your Instagram story to your phone gallery. Once you take a photo or video, push on the button at the bottom left “save” (arrow down icon). You can also view your story and push on the save button at any time to “save videos” (just to save the videos) or “save story” (to save the whole story).

Tips To Create A Good Instagram Story

Below are some of the Instagram story best practices.

Add a highlight

You can select Instagram stories to save on your profile which can be viewed longer than 24 hours. It could be useful when you have a promotion or something special you want people to see. To add a “highlight” make sure you have the Instagram Stories Archive feature turned on: Settings > Story Settings > and push on the “Save to Archive.” Next,  locate and click the “+ New” icon to add a new Highlight.

Add a link to your Instagram story

push the “link” icon on the top right of your phone screen once you have recorded or uploaded your story. There, you can type in or paste in a link. Fortunately, you need at least 10,000 followers and a business account to access this feature.

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Mention someone in stories

When sharing a photo or video to your story, you can also mention someone: Once you take a photo or video, push the letter icon and type “@username” of you would like to mention in your story. The people you mentioned in your story will automatically appear in your story and anyone who can see your story can also access their profile through their username. People you mentioned will be notified that they were mentioned in your story and get a direct message that includes the preview of your story and also disappears from the message thread after 24 hours. You include up to 10 people a photo.

Add a mention to your own story

When someone mentions you in their story, you’ll have the option to repost it, adding the photos or videos to your own story. You can use the @ to tag a user in your story. A notification appears saying “Mentioned users may repost this story for 24 hours.” You’ll also get a notification via “Direct Message” that you were mentioned with a link to “Add This to Your Story”.  You can also customize the story if you wish, just click on the link to preview the story.

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Re-share Instagram posts to stories

You can also share an Instagram post to your story by clicking the arrow/share button and then “post to your story”. Whenever you share someone’s post to your story, anyone who views it can see who originally posted it and also view their original profile.


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