Use Google Flights To Cheap Flight Bookings

google flights

Google Flights like the name sounds is the official google flight booking service. The service boasts of about 300 airline companies and their flight information. It ensures that you get the best flight fares available amongst the available flight. You can book for a flight from google flights mobile app as well as the website.


google flights

Below are some of the information you can get using the google flight service.

  • Find and book trips (round, one-way and multi-city trips)
  • Get to use the google calendar to get the best day to fly.
  • Get assistance with price graph
  • Also filter by cabin airlines, class, and number of stops

Flight Search Process

To find your flight, use the following steps.

  • Go to
  • Choose your current location (country) from the displayed list.
  • On the next screen, enter the city of departure from the first drop down
  • Select a ticket type
    • One way
    • Round trip
    • Multi-city
  • Next, indicate the number of passengers and cabin class.
  • Click to choose a  date to select your flight.

There you can compare the prices as well as choose an affordable price. Google flights update the price every 24 hours.

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Google Flights Tracker

Of all the wonderful features, Google flights trackers are the most used. All you need to do is

  • Go To the Google Flight website.
  • Proceed to choose Flight details.
  • Input your departure airport and destination airport.
  • Next, check below the options and locate the switch to turn on track prices.

Filter Google Flights Results

There are a lot of options to filter flight results. You may filter flights search with price,  flight duration, arrival time and many more.

To do this

  • Go to the Google Flight website
  • Select departure airport (and return airport on a round trip)
  • Pick a date.
  • Click on Search

Filter Options

The google flights filter options can be seen and adjusted below the fields for the flight details.
  • Bags: you can indicate the number of hand-carry bags allowed.
  • Stops: Here you can indicate the number of stops.
  • Airlines: You can choose a preferred airline.
  • Price: The price filter enables you to choose how much you can pay for a particular trip.
  • Times: here you can filter base on time. This allows a user to choose flights for on a particular time.
  • Connecting airports: You can also include the maximum duration you can accept for a flight with connecting airports.
  • More: This feature works on the total flight duration. It works with all the filter options.
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So next time you are taking a trip try google flights to manage your decisions properly

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