Uber App How-To, Guide, and Feature

Uber app

The invention of the internet has made Communication easier for voices and has opened more business innovation. Uber and the Uber app are one of the companies that have leveraged on using the internet to pioneer cab-hailing technology.

Uber app: how to hail a cab
Uber app

It exists in cities such as London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, Johannesburg, or even Lagos. Most of all, it is trendy in every city it hits because it offers comfort in enabling riders to hail a cab straight from the Uber app without moving an inch from.

It has a lot of advantage including driving safely in a uber certified ride. As well as having to feel real comfort and eliminated threats from random drivers. Because all drivers are tracked and ensure the safety pf both riders and drivers.

A lot has been solved with the Uber app has as you can order rides just the way you order pizza. The Uber app is accessible to all.

How To Get The Uber App

There are two categories of the app. The uber drivers’ app and the riders app and they are both available on the google and apple application stores.

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Create An Uber Account

  • Uber account requires an email address and phone number.
  • Launch the app and click to create an account.
  • Fill in the field for first and last name, phone number, and language.

On completion, a verification text will be sent to your phone number.

Next, enter credit card information. This will prompt the uber app to charge fares automatically from the bank.
Once completed, the app can be used to request rides. 

How To Request a Ride on The Uber App

Enter Pickup and Destination Address.

Launch the app and fill in the destination address in the Where to? box. Then to add confirm your pickup address or fill it in the appropriate field. Next, tap Confirm to a driver nearby.

Meet your driver

You can monitor the movement of the driver down to the pickup location on the map. Come to an open place within the location to meet up with your driver when the driver gets to you.

Check your ride

Every time you order a ride on the Uber app, you get basic information that will enable you to identify the right car including the license plate, car type and model, and driver photo with what’s provided in your app. You can also use the uber beacon which is available in a few countries.

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Sit back and relax

On arriving at your destination location, arrive, you either use cash or card payment methods or Uber Cash balance

Rate your trip

One of the useful ways to know a good rider is what users say about them. The uber app rating feature allows you to rate the driver on a five-point scale depending on how you enjoy the trip

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