Translate German To English And Vice Versa

translate german to english

Google translate German to English is one of the most used translation services in recent time. Much reason can be traced to the interconnectivity of Europe through the train and other common means of transport. Europe accounts for the highest number of tourist movement.

translate german to english

With most countries to the east of Europe speaking german little wonder why translate German to English is highly sorted.  Thousand of Tourist from the east pour into western Europe which is English dominated.

As such it is advisable that before you leave german to west Europe or England for east Europe. Ensure to pack in an app to translate German to English and vice versa.

Google Translate German To English or Vice Versa

Google translate is one of the best translator apps in use. It is the best in terms of the number of languages it can translate and because of how easy it is to translate. Ther are two ways to use google translate.

  • Via the google translate website.
  • Via the mobile app.

Whichever way you are using, it is pretty much similar procedure. Let’s go on with the procedure

  • Launch your favorite browser on your mobile phone or desktop
  • Go to
  • There you will See two Text box.
  • There are two arrows above the text boxes above.
  • Choose a the language you want to translate on from the drop-down list. If you want to translate german to English, click the drop-down arrow and select German.
  • Again Click on the drop-down arrow and choose English.
  • Input the block of text in the textbox for German.
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Voila, The app  automatically be translate the German text in English in the other textbox.

Input Methods On Google Translate

  • Typing- Google translate accepts text input and translates as you type.
  • Speaking- In the same manner, you can speak in a german sentence to the app and get the translation immediately.
  • Camera- Perhaps the most fascinating, but can prove effective for a street sign. Just point the camera to the poster to translate German to English.
  • Handwriting – Most complex to use. It involves making a sign that represents the text you want to translate. Just choose the method of writing and make a gesture with your finger or touch pen in space provided.  It works effectively to translate German to English and the likes. However, it is even more effective in translating non-Latin languages like the native chines characters.

Top Apps To Translate German To English

Below is the top translation app you can pack up for your trip.

  • Google Translate
  • Microsoft Translator
  • iTranslate Voice
  • SayHi
  • WayGo
  • TripLingo
  • Textgrabber
  • The Pilot
  • Google Pixel Buds
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Read Google Translate: Google Play Store: How to download and install the APK

3 Great Tips for Using Translator Apps

A lot of users of these are apps are tempted to rely on it to learn a new language. Here are three important notes before you attempt to use it.

  • Translation app is helpful but can only yield more impact, if you have gone up to a certain level of fluency already.
  • The app can generate mistakes at times. Although works are been done to fix this but you can not always rely on these apps for formal conversations.
  • Finally no matter how well translation apps works it can not replace having a good teacher or human translator.

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