Top Map Apps: Map Apps For Android And iPhone

map apps

Map apps are a useful guide in recent times. A top holiday app in recent times. Because you do not want to be stuck looking for your hotel reservations with no real direction and even worse when you can not speak the language. So see that’s where a good map app comings in handy. Just copy and paste the location you are going to and you will be fine.

map apps

Top map apps will let you in on the following.

  • Give you a line directly to your destination
  • Show you the bus stops to take you to your destination
  • Directional Voice prompts
  • Provide time estimates on any transport means including walking
  • GPS locator- means you do not have to know the address of your current location

These apps are not restricted to just the Andriod or iOS operating system. They are available on either OS, So there is no worry about the phone you use as long as it is a smartphone. That’s why on this post, we will be taking a look at the best map apps on both OS.

Top Map Apps For Andriod And iOS Devices

Below are the best map apps for iOS and android.

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Google Map App

Google Maps is the most popular map app in the world. The tech giant again flexes its muscle as arguably the biggest tech company of a generation. It has an enormous data collection and it is very up to date is the most popular app from this list, without a doubt.

This map app is a user choice it is arguably the best when it comes to navigation. The map app covers over 220 countries and territories. It gives real-time information on the traffic state and the next turn. It is indeed a perfect driving guide for users within the network and out of network range. As it allows users to download the map for use when they are out of network coverage. If offers navigation information for walking, public transportation and driving with distance and time estimates.

It is available on Android and iOS Devices


HERE WeGo formerly  Nokia HERE Maps is another open map app for both android and iOS. It cover US and overseas. Here go is another good navigational app all you need do is filling the address of a place of interest and the app will give you several options to your destination.

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Again you can download whole countries for offline access. It offers more than just a navigation app as you can easily book for a taxi directly from the app. This app has successfully mapped over 100 countries with public transit information for over 1,300.

Download HERE WeGo on Android and iOS


Waze is a unique navigation map app that uses crowdsourcing to know current traffic information. It was bought over by Google a while back. Thereby making it even a stronger alternative app.
To use the map app, all you need to do is enter the address and get an excellent direction to your destination. As a result of its data source, Waze is a more reliable solution for construction, roadblocks, crashes, and more. So it gives information that other map apps cannot offer.


Download Waze on  Andriod and iOS


MAP.ME is also a fairly popular app for navigation, and it’s quite good. You can use this app offline, while the service is completely free. You can use this app while driving, walking, or cycling, it’s up to you. The app even helps you plan your trip, while there are plenty of details listed in MAPS.ME maps. Maps are updated by millions of OpenStreetMap contributors on a daily basis, so everything should be fairly up-to-date.

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Download on Android and iOS


Sygic has over 200 million drivers worldwide. The company made a bold claim announcing that they are the most advanced of all the map apps in the world. They were not bluffing as the map app offers virtually every service as the above rivals.

However, Sygic is capable of directing divers to switch lanes ahead of turn as well as navigate them around the city. In terms of the road guide, the Sygic app is up there as probably the best. It also offers  3D offline and online direction and mapping.

Download the App on Android and iOS

There you go these map apps can guide you on your trips in most cities of the world. You do not have to ask for direction from strangers ever again.

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