Snapchat Ads: A Perfect Introduction To Ads on Snapchat Ads

Snapchat ads

Snapchat ads are another social media advertising alternative. The app is a good alternative to WhatsApp. Snapchat boasts of a large number of young users with most of them female and a large number of them between the age of 19-24 years. Making the platform a place to reach out to clusters of youths.

Snapchat ads

Know More Snapchat Ads

Below is a complete guide to what you need to know about Snapchat ads

Define Your Snapchat Campaign Goals

Every ad process starts with defining goals that you will like to achieve in the end.  Your goals and budget will ultimately define the Snapchat ads to take up. Below are some of the goals you should be looking to achieve.

Brand Awareness and Video Views

It simply involves pushing Snapchat users to watch a video. It is the most common Snapchat ads because they are already used to watching videos on the app. Just that this time is about a brand seeking your attention.

Web Views and Conversions

This Snapchat ad aims to push prospects to a  website. This is mostly used by companies whose ads goal is sales. These ads will look to prompt users to wipe up, read more, or check out the site.

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Lead Generation

If your Snapchat ads goals aim at increasing conversions to the marketing funnel. This is the Snapchat ad that you need. Typical lead gen ads will look to drive users to download, form fill, or register.

Snapchat Ads Formats

When Snapchatters of various demography react better to various formats of Snapchat ads in different ways. As such you should consider the format that mostly attracts your targetted audience.

Snap Ads: The Basics

The set of Ads prompts users to swipe. They are the most common type of ads on Snapchat. They are simple stories aimed at driving users to a website, an app, a video, AR lens, or the app store.

These Snapchat ads involve converting a simple png or jpeg image to a  3-10 seconds video. Below are the guidelines that you should follow.

  • 1080 x 1920 px JPEG or PNG image
  • Watch out for the Snapchat will apply a call to action on your ad.
  • Include your brand name
  • Format your ads for full screen and vertical orientation.
  • create your ads for all viewers.

Story Ads: Story

Snapchat Story Ads allow to include their brand name to ads. These ads are placed on the discover section of the app.   Below are some of the specifications for this ad.

  • 34 characters headline
  • 25 characters brand name
  • Upload files separately for each Snap Ad within the story
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Snapchat Filters

The Snapchat filters are the singular most used feature on the social media app. Snapchat filter ads help to bring fun to advertising a  brand in a  relevant way. It is sure that an ad like this will gain a lot of engagement because users are already used to post like this.

And remember these specs:

  • Images of 1080 by 2340 pixel
  • Size of 300 KB or less
  • Transparent background PNG picture
  • 210-pixel buffer zone at the top and bottom of the screen for larger phones
  • 74 pixels for the send arrow
  • 32 pixels for the “sponsored” designation
  • Portrait orientation
  • Should occupy less than 25% of the screen

AR Lenses

AR Lenses is another feature that has pulled in a lot of users to Snapchat over the years monetizing a classic Snapchat interaction. Brands can leverage on this interactive tool to create converting Snapchat ads material.

Users should have the following practices in mind when creating ads such as this.

  • Ensure that the Lenses features your brand logo or name. Ideally, try placing the logo on the top right or left corner.
  • Ensure it is captivating from the start.
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Collection Ads

Collection Snapchat ads are relatively new. It is a programmatic ad that allows users to promote products. This ad is like a basic Snapchat video ad with a ribbon on the side.

A well order collection ad can catalog certain products as a collection.

Targeting through Snapchat Advertising

After setting up goals and deciding on the right kind of ads to embark on, now it is time to set up audience targeting. This ensures that the ad is only featured for the people you want to see them. It is much like Facebook ads you can reach users based on age, income, job status, and more.  However, most people say Snapchat ads are even more specific than Facebook.

For Filter and Lens Snapchat ads, advertisers are prompted to select a location. This is done by selecting a state, city, or zip code, or radius.

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