Sell on eBay: Useful Tips For Beginners

sell on ebay

To sell on eBay have for long been one of the long-standing ways to make money on the internet right from the comfort of your home. eBay has ranked arguably as the highest or amongst the like of amazon as an eCommerce website. You also can leverage on eBay to earn right from your home.

sell on ebay

You can sell a lot of items on the eCommerce platform stretching from old clothes in your wardrobe to brand new shirts even self-written novels. It is more important than ever as there is a high prediction of an increase in remote working in the years to come.

Tips To Sell on eBay

Below are some useful directions to start to sell on eBay. eBay is no different, like other eCommerce or social media sites, you have to set up a profile.

Register on eBay

There is no other place to start than creating and complete your profile before you thing to sell on eBay. Ensure to read the rules of dealing on eBay and also provide credit card deals for your dealings.

Get A PayPal Account

Paypal is one of the universal payment outlets and the most used payment gateway on eBay. As such it is necessary to get an account. You can easily set up in a way that suits you the most.

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Upload Quality Pictures

When it comes to eCommerce shopping online, visuals count for a whole lot. so it is important to upload clear and quality pictures. One that reveals details of your product so that customers can assess the quality of your product.

The picture should reveal the true representation of the product as a different representation could result in a bad review. Ideally, your picture should be at least 600×900 pixels.

Categories Your Product

Ensure to select a category when uploading your product. Selecting a category for your product will increase the possibility of more users and intending buyers seeing your product. It is very important to select the exact category or one that is very close.

Provide A Good Name and Description

Aside from visuals, one of the other attributes that attracts buyers is the title you give to your product. A descriptive and captivating title that gives a sense of originality is very useful when giving your product a title. Be brief but give away enough information.

An appropriate description of your product is very necessary to attract buyers. your description should carry tags that clearly gives away the state of your product.

Set A Competitive Pricing

A good way to set a price that will strive as you sell on eBay is by checking for how much similar products to determine your pricing. If you are auctioning a product then set up the minimum price you would take for your product.

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Set the shipping options

There are various shipping options that you can actually make use of. They include shipping within the country of residence and international shipping. Some of the best shipping companies are USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS (United Parcel Service) and FedEx. There are also shipping options for freight and ship for more bulky goods.

Set up your Sales Policies

Decide on the sales policy to resolve buyers’ issues. As an open eCommerce platform, eBay guides and take seriously buyers and sellers issues seriously. The best policy is not to ship out an item until after payment but you can also raise a dispute so that eBay will interfereeBay assist you in resolving the problem. In the same view, buyers will tend to ask for a refund unjustly. Sometime because they change their minds other times they claim the product doesn’t fit the description. However, refunds should be considered base on your stand. If you do not cross any of eBay red flags on the deal, simply reject the refund offer.

Display feedback

To sell on eBay, you have to display the success that you have achieved on the platform. Ensure that you ask buyers for feedbacks to increase your feedback ratings. This can backfire some times as buyers and give unfavorable feedback but no worries if you do right by your customers, eBay will rectify it easily.

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Learn To Sell on eBay At Every Opportunity

eBay offers various opportunities to train intending users seeking to sell on eBay through various forums. You can leverage this forum to get a handful of tips to improve your skills. View questions asked by a startup as well as professionals in the business.  offers a variety of training opportunities along with forums that give you useful information about selling on the site.

Buy a few items before you start selling

eBay appreciates users that can be can trust to respect the model of their system. Hence you could start by using the process yourself first. Buy products from other sellers and leave feedbacks. In turn, this feedback could work out for you as buyers can feel they can trust you to deliver what you promised.

Go to eBay to start buying and selling today. Here are our few tips to sell on eBay. I hope you find them useful and worth it.


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