How To Factory Reset Android Phone Before Selling it


You can never be too careful about issues of security. Factory reset android phone is a way to ensure you eliminate threats coming after you sell your mobile phone. Aside from selling, there are other reasons why you may want to reset your android phone. It could be because it is overloaded with apps or it won’t boot up anymore.


How To Factory Reset Your Android Phone

There are basically two ways to factory reset your android phone depending on the state of the phone.

  • via Settings
  • Via Recovery mode

Before we begin, it is fair to state that the factory reset process is slightly different between mobile. However, all you need to do is locate the option on your android version and phone.

Via Settings

Here we would be stating the procedure on Pixel and Samsung.

Note: Before starting up a factory reset process it is advisable to charge the phone properly to avoid errors during resetting.

Pixel Samsung
Launch the setting app Launch the setting app
Scroll down and  tap on System Scroll down and tap on General Management
Tap on the Reset option Tap on the Reset option
Select erase all data Tap on Factory Reset
Tap on the Reset phone button. Hit the blue Reset button.
then Enter your PIN and select Continue. Enter your device PIN and tap Next.
Tap Erase everything. Tap Delete all
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At this point, the factory reset of your android phone will commence. Starting with a reboot and it should take some time to come back on.

Via Recovery Mode

This is most effective if your phone will not reboot the best option to factory reset your android phone, in that case, it is via the recovery mode.

Before we going to the process, you will need to know about Factory reset Protection on an android phone running on the android lollipop version and above. It is a feature put in place to ensure that no one can reset your android phone without except you.

The feature connects the factory reset android to your Gmail account and as such you will be prompted for the google account connected to the phone. However, factory reset protection does not kick in when you are resetting via settings.

Note: the phone should be well charged to avoid errors.

Let’s Get started


Pixel Samsung
Turn off the phone Turn off the phone
Press and hold power and volume buttons Press and hold  Power and Volume up buttons
Till you see a start arrow pointing to the power button Wait for a few seconds to go into recovery mode
Scroll down with the volume button and select the recovery mode using the power button Scroll down and highlight Wipe data/factory reset
Press the power and volume up buttons together again to load the recovery mode. Make a selection with the power button
Scroll down and select the Wipe data/factory reset. Select Wipe data/factory reset
Highlight and select Yes to confirm the reset. Highlight and select Yes to confirm the reset.
After confirming, you will be returned to the recovery mode menu. After confirming, you will be returned to the recovery mode menu.
Reboot the phone using the power button. Reboot the phone using the power button.
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Factory Reset Android Phone Bottom Line

Now when your reboots, You will be taken through the initial setup process as in a brand new phone. You can recover your data from where ever you backed it up.

The factory reset protection will kick in if you did not remove your google account before you factory reset your android phone. so if you are selling your phone ensure you remove all google account for factory reset purpose.

Get more information from google support.

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