Google Play Store: How to download and Install the APK

Google Play Store is the topmost hub for all android apps on the internet. You will find all types of Andriod applications on this platform. A developer simply designs their app and upload to google play store for download by subscribers who need them.

These mobile apps can be either free or paid subscriptions. They may also have in-app purchases. The Good news is All android devices come with the Google App pre-installed.

Google Play Store releases frequent updates for its app. This can be great news for some, but not so great news for others.

However, we need to understand that the basic functionality never changes. So if you are still using an older version, it is not all bad. However, if you are looking to update the Google play store on your device we will show you how to do this in this post.

What version is your Android device?

It is important to know the version of Google play store installed in your device. This is essential to avoid replacing a more recent version of Google plays with an older version.

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However, if you are still rocking your version of Android OS like Gingerbread, it’s time you get a new phone. Nokia 2.2 sells just below 100usd and has amazing specs.

How to download Google Play Store via APK

Android applications come in an APK format and the same applies to Google Play. If for some reason you removed Google play app from your device, you can download it easily from any website, tech blogs, or any other trusted source.

Here is a short tutorial for downloading and installing play store.

  • Visit your desired apk store (for this tutorial we will use APKMirror).
  • Search for the newest version of the Play store you want. If you prefer an older version then go ahead.
  • Follow the instructions available on the website to download the app.

You can download the Play Store Apk from any other trusted source. Simply follow the instructions to download the APK.

Installing Google Play Store APK

To install the APK, you will have to deal with security permissions. These security permissions prevent users (and other apps) from installing Apps from the unknown origin on the device. This setup has been a part of Android OS for ages. Only Apps downloaded from Google Play store get express installations.

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This is a good thing because it prevents hackers from installing malicious apps on your mobile phone.
Here are two sets based on your Android OS.

After Android Oreo:

After download via the web browser, An Android prompt will inform you that the app does not have permission to install APKs.

  • Click on the Settings button in the prompt.
  • Check the box that lets you install APKs then, click the back button to return to your installation.
  • You can only install third-party applications when you have given permission.
  • This offers better security because you only permit one app with each permission.

Before Android Oreo

  • Navigate to your Android Phone settings and go to “Security”.
  • Check the box next to the Unknown Sources option.
  • Read the warning that pops up. Once done, click “OK”.

This is pretty straight forward.

Installing Google Play Store via File Manager

After downloading your apk file, you can still it by accessing the APK from your favorite file browser.

Now it is time to install your app.

  • Open your file browser, go to APK or Apps. If you don’t have these options, navigate to the phone download folder.
  • Click on the APK once you find it. The next step will be to click on the install button on the pop up that appears.

That’s it. Google Play Store app will be installed on your device.