Google Lens Top Features And How To Assess it

Google Lens

Google lens is one of the biggest announcements by Google in the last two years. The feature was unveiled and implemented in the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones. There was no doubt that the app was going to be so cool. However the delayed rolling out on other  Android platforms is one of the hindrances to popularity. The app is integrated within the google assistant and google photo app.

Features: What You Can Do With The Google Lens App

Google lens makes your camera more than just a camera. It presents a new usage of the mobile photo camera. Through combining some of google’s top apps accessible through the camera. The real-life integration is second to none.

  • Smart Text Selection: The smart text selection allows you to copy text from the real world to your phone. You can easily copy text from a signpost and send it or paste it in your google map. All you need to do is point your camera at the text and copy.
  • Smart Text search: You can also look out the meaning of words or sentence straight from the google lens. It is integration with the google assistant makes it more smooth to look up things with ease.
  • Clothing and decor search: Google shows itself as an amazing shopping guide as it can assist you in your shopping experience. through searching for complementary products and similar products of whatever you point the camera at.
  • Search around you: You can search and get information around you straight from the google app.  These include products review, information about someone on a poster (say a performing artist, you can get to play his songs immediately)
  • Tour Guide:  My personal favorite is the google directional guide. This makes easy to get a walking guide as soon as you point the camera on your peripheral vision, it shows an arrow points you to the next turn. It even has an animation to lead the way.
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How it Works

There are several ways to use the google lens feature on the Google android platform.

Via Google Lens app

Google lens standalone app lets you access the full features straight from the app. It is the easiest way to use the Google lens feature on google pixel phones.

Via Google Assistant

On the bottom right corner, you will notice the google lens icon. Tap it and here you go. Assessing the app from the Google assistance presents you with some assisting features for information purposes.

Via the Google Assistant works on all Android devices with the assistant app installed.

Via Google Photos

Assessing the google lens via the google photo lets you identify items and information about them. For a building, it could reveal information about what is inside it, opening time, and more and debates about famous artworks.

The icon is at the bottom of the Google photo across all Andriod devices with the Google photo app.

Via Camera app

Recent devices now let you assess the lens app directly from the phone camera thus it gives you the full features immediately you turn on your camera.

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Try the google lens feature today there is a lot within.

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