Gmail Boomerang: A Way To Schedule Email For Later

Gmail boomerang

Before I heard of Gmail boomerang have always been guilty of scheduling emails wrongly especially if I am mailing someone outside my time zone. And when I get it right, I have to stay awake to make sure that I send the message at the right time.

Gmail boomerang

Well, all that is a thing of the past as the handy Google boomerang plugin enables me to schedule messages for a later time and date. The plugin can also let send recurring emails, follow up emails and more.

Browser Requirements For Gmail Boomerang

You must have one of the following browsers

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox Mozilla
  • Opera

If you have one of these browsers, proceed to install the boomerang plugin.

Also, learn how to install a google chrome extension.

There you go you have successfully added boomerang on your browser.  Click on start or take a tour of the Gmail boomerang.

How To Use Gmail Boomerang To Schedule An Email

On this post, we will be taking you through the step to send

  • Proceed to click on compose
  • Type in the message you want to send (do not click on send)
  • Locate the new send later (in a red button)
  • On the appearing drop-down menu
  • Enter the time that you want the email to be sent. (you can also use the time as shortcuts)
  • Then click on allow to permit Gmail boomerang.
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To view your scheduled emails, click the boomerang plugin icon. Then click manage schedule message and click on the send later tab on the appearing window to see all your scheduled email.

you can click the appropriate icon to edit, reschedule, Send immediately or halt send the email.

You can also follow up reminders on your email with the Gmail boomerang. With the reminder you are simply setting condition of what could happen time frame after a scheduled message.

To do that simple

  • Create your message.
  • Tick the checkbox  next to the Send Later
  • Enter a time range for your reminder. 
  • Then click on the Send Later button.

Reminder Conditions

Next, click if no reply a condition for the Gmail boomerang reminder.

Define the reminder trigger conditions.
  • If no reply – This option automatically returns a reminder if there is no reply to your message.
  • If not clicked – If the message is not clicked.
  • Not opened – This returns a message to the recipient of the message is not opened within the set time frame.
  • Regardless – No matter what happens a reminder will be sent as a follow-up message.
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If the trigger conditions are met, the message appears at the top of your Gmail inbox as a reminder.

Recurring messages are those messages that you send once every year, month or week. This could be to remind a client of a bending subscription or a monthly meeting.

However, this option is open to only the premium subscribers of the boomerang plugin.

As usual,

  • Create Your Email Message
  • Click on the  Send Later button.
  • Click the Send Later button.
  • Proceed to set up the  Send Later time frames.
  • Click on the link to Schedule a recurring message.
  • Define the parameters for the recurring message.
    • First, choose the first date of sending the email
    • Next, on the Repeats field define the frequency of the message. 
    • On the end field, you can define the end of the recurring email. By the number of messages, by date, or click on no end.
  • Finally, click on the schedule.

Manage Gmail Boomerang Recurring Mails

To do this

  • One your Gmail
  • Click on the Gmail boomerang icon
  • This reveals a new window
  • Click on the recurring message tab to view all your recurring emails.
  • Locate the recurring email that you want to cancel.
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You can edit, reschedule or cancel the recurring email.

Let’s say you want to end a Gmail boomerang message with no end. You can simply head to manage the recurring email to edit or cancel it.

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