Facebook Name Change In Simple Steps

Most times, people do Facebook name change because it makes them feel safe and confident, especially if their account has been hacked and if they don’t know whom they are chatting with.


Facebook name change is easy to do. It simply involves loading your Facebook profile, clicking the down-pointing arrow in the top-right of the page and clicking on the settings. Under general look for the name, click edit and enter your new name, click review change, enter your password, and click to save changes.


1. There is a need to abide by Facebook’s name standards, this stipulates that you can’t include symbols, numbers, unusual capitalisation, repeated characters or punctuation in your name. You also can’t use characters from multiple languages, titles of any kind (for example professional or religious ones), what are phrases in place of a name, offensive/suggestive words or phrases.

2. The name on your Facebook should be the one that your friends call you everyday life, that way, it will be easier to find and connect with people which is the whole point of Facebook. It would also match the one on an ID or document from Facebook ID list, this includes your birth certificate, driver’s licence, passport and marriage certificate.

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3. You can only change your name every 60 days. This is to stop people from becoming too hard to find or keeping track of your details, so think carefully before you change your name. If you are not happy with it, you’ll be stuck with it for the next two months!

4. Facebook also lets you add another name to your account. Examples include a maiden name, nickname or a professional name. It’s easy to do so, all you need do is;

a. Click your name to view your Facebook profile.

b. Click select on the left side panel.

c. Look for details about you and click other names.

d. Use the drop-down menu next to name type to select the type of name you want to add and enter your other name.

e. Click the box marked show at the top of your profile next to your full name at the top of your profile. Click save and you’re done.


1. Dislike for the current name – a name change request can come about simply because a person doesn’t like his or her name as given at birth, perhaps they had preferred something more unique than what they bear or something less unique than a homespun name that combined parents names.

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2. Change of name following a divorce – if a woman has taken her husband’s name upon marriage, she may decide to reclaim her maiden name upon separation or divorce or take on an entirely new name.

3. Changing of child’s surname to mothers or fathers – in the case of an absent father, a mother may wish to have a child’s surname changed to hers; on the flip side, a formerly absent fathers surname may also be desired.

4. Couples can combine surnames to form a new surname. Another trend popular with married or cohabiting couples is the creation of a new surname. This is done by using parts of each partners name or simply hyphenating the two last names for a brand new joint surname.

5. Desire for a less or more ethnic name – people with names that are identifiably ethnic sometimes request name changes for various reasons, including ease of pronunciation and spelling. On the other hand, some may like to reclaim their ethnic heritage by returning to a surname that may have been lost over the years or by the adoption of a new one.

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6. Transgender name changes – transgender people often request name changes to reflect gender. Name can be changed to simplify the masculine or feminine form of a current name or can be new names altogether.

7. Religious reasons – whether it’s because of a recent religious conversion or simply to honour a person’s religious deity, name changes for different religious reasons.

8. Although same-sex partners may not be allowed to legally marry in all countries, they can choose to share a surname which can be particularly convenient and financial or legal transactions.

9. Political statements – although some may consider it extreme to change their name to support a Cause. Name change for Political reasons is not unheard of.

10. Lecturers could change their names into fake names every now and then because of their students who are good at easily finding them on Facebook. Most times they use it part time.

11. Majority of police officers military men and security officers could change their real names on Facebook because they can be targeted by people whom they come in contact with at work.

12. Also most times people change their names on Facebook because they coincidentally bear the same names with other individuals or personality and to avoid complications they just prefer to change their names and use a fake name.

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