Facebook Live: Guide And Tips For Users

Facebook Live is a feature that allows users to broadcast live from the Facebook mobile app. Facebook launched live to limited verified VIP users in August 2015. Facebook provided funds and other activities for famous users and publishers in order to initially promote the Live service.

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In 2016, facebook live was first publicly launched to iOS users with support for other devices to use Live, including professional cameras and drones.

Allowing users to broadcast live video in Facebook’s response to competing services like YouTube Meerkat and Periscope.

Facebook live leverages the websites existing audience, the largest audience in the world, to compete with similar life services.

Facebook Live is one of the best ways to interact with viewers in real-time. It is also a feature of the Facebook social network that uses the camera on a computer or mobile devices to broadcast real-time video to Facebook.

During facebook live broadcast, you can decide who on Facebook can see your video and use this content to engage your audience during the moments and events that are important to them.

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Facebook Live helps to field your burning questions, here what’s on your mind and take a look at their live reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going.

This feature lets you connect with the people who care most about. Your Facebook followers can receive notifications when you go live, so they know to tune in to your broadcasts at just the right time

Things To Consider Before Going Into Facebook Live:

1. Tell people ahead of time when you’re going to broadcast: Build anticipation by letting people know when you will be broadcasting live.

2. Go live when you have a strong connection: check to make sure that you have a strong signal before going live, because Wi-Fi tends to work best, but if you want a 4G connection. If you have a weak signal, the “Go Live” button will be greyed out.

3. Write an enticing description before going live: A great description will capture fans attention and help them understand what your broadcast is about.

4. Ask your viewers to follow you and receive notifications when you go live: Make a callout so that your audience can tap on the Follow button on live videos and videos that were live and then opt-in to receive notifications the next time you go live.

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5. You can say hello to commenters by name and respond to their comments: Your audience will be thrilled to hear you mention their name and answer their questions when you are live.

6. Reach more people by broadcasting for Longer Time: The longer you broadcast, the more likely people are to discover and invite their friends on Facebook to watch the video. It is recommended that you go live at least 10 minutes and stay for 24 hours.

7. Be creative and go live often: Try different types of broadcast – and go live frequently – to keep your audience engaged. Visit Live.fb.com for more tips and ideas.

How To Use Facebook Live:

1. Launch the mobile app, and at the top of the news feed or profile, select the live icon below where you enter status responding to: “What’s on your mind?”

2. Grant permission for the app to use your camera to record video.

3. Choose the privacy level from among public sharing and all friends.

4. Write a description of the video.

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5. Specify the location add tag friends to draw their attention to the post.

6. Once the camera is aimed at the desired top “Go Live” at the bottom of the screen.

Facebook live videos support life commenting, screenwriting, filters, vertical or horizontal video mirroring and reactions from viewers. You can also block specific viewers if they desire. While the maximum time limit for broadcast was initially 30 minutes, users can now stay live for 4 hours.

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