Facebook Jobs: How to create a job post on Facebook

Facebook launched a new job feature in February 2017 titled Facebook jobs. This feature will undoubtedly set to rival LinkedIn which currently is the best job board on the internet.

Just in case you are wondering if the job feature is a viable alternative, consider this according to Business Insider over 65 million businesses on Facebook pages.

Facebook jobs

Facebook is also said to be the third most visited website in the world with about 22.30 billion monthly visits. These facts make Facebook an ideal place for businesses and job seekers to meet.

The post will show you how to create facebook jobs post for your business.

How to Create Facebook Jobs Post

It is very simple to publish a job on Facebook, you just have to own a Facebook business page.

If your Facebook page includes a job tab on its template you can start by clicking it otherwise you can also start by visiting this link and clicking on the Create a job button.

On the Employers page, Enter the requested information such as Job Title, Job Location Salary Range, Job type and Job description.

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Job Title

Job title refers to the position you are recruiting for. It could be an accountant, a programmer, marketer etc.

Job Location

The mainly refers to the address of your business. If your business has other branches or field offices, you might want to be more specific.

Salary Range

Adding a salary or pay rate is optional. You can post the salary range and also, choose to pay by hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly.

Job Type

This is very essential. The Applicant might like to know if it is a full-time, part-time, contract etc before making up their mind to apply.

Job Description

Writing a job description is very key. Most importantly, you will have just 5000 characters to do so. A job description is technical writing that describes the qualifications expectations and responsibilities attached to the position being advertised.

The job description will appear just above your job post image(Optional).
Next is ‘Free-Text Questions’. You can add up to 3 questions for intending applicants to respond to. You can ask open-ended, Yes or No or Multiple choices questions. The Free-text question is an optional feature.

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There is an optional feature if you decide to receive the applications via email.

How to Access Facebook Jobs Applications

After posting your job ad, you will notice a new tab automatically created to help you manage and keep track of all job applications.

The tab “Manage Jobs” will appear long your Facebook Business Page’s navigation bar. You can access all received job applications(past and current).

When someone clicks on the apply button on your job posting. Then, you will receive the applicant’s name, education and job information that is available on the applicant’s Facebook profile.

Sadly, not every Facebook user keeps complete and updated information on their jobs and education on their Facebook profile. In other words, you should verify their information.

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