Steps To Delete Facebook Page On Desktop And Mobile

It is better to a delete facebook page book page that you are no longer interested in managing. For a start, you stop getting annoying notifications from the page. So just in case you are looking for a way to delete it and never worry about posts, the follower and notifications, here is how.

Delete Facebook page

Delete Facebook Page in Steps

To start

  • Log in your facebook page

First, you need to go to on your preferred browser. Login on the top right corner if you are prompted to.

  • From your post feed
Click on the down arrow icon on the top right corner to assess a drop-down menu will appear.
  • On the Dropdown menu
Next click on manage facebook pages to progress (halfway through the menu). Click on the facebook page name that you want to delete.
  • Go to the Page settings

At the top of the facebook page, locate and click on settings. This takes you to the page setting and where you can delete the facebook page.

  • From the Page Settings
Click on the General tab on the appearing settings page. It is located at the top left corner of the settings page.
  • On the General tab
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Now scroll down and click on the remove page at the bottom of the page. There are a number of options there including the merge page.

  • Remove page

Then click permanently delete page to delete the facebook page. Located below the remove page heading.


On clicking to the delete page facebook will prompt you that your page has successfully been deleted.

Delete Facebook Page On Mobile

To start

  • Launch your Facebook mobile app

The facebook app on a mobile phone is marked with the symbol “f” on a blue background. You might need to log in again to continue the process.

  • On the news feed

You will be directed to the news feed when you launch the app. Tap the horizontal stripe icon to the bottom or top right corner depending on your mobile app version.

  • Go to my pages

My page option is usually at the top of the menu.

  • Select the Facebook page you want to delete

From the list of facebook pages that you manage to select the facebook page. if you have only one page linked to that account it is even better.

  • Tap Edit Page
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Now on the edit page button is a pencil icon that you can find below the page heading. If you do not find the option to edit the page below the header, then check the menu to the right.

  • Go to facebook page settings
Then tap on Settings from the revealing menu. Then tap on general on the top of the menu listing.


  • On the General Menu
Scroll down, locate and click on “Remove Page” (it is located at the bottom of the page).


  • Proceed To Delete Facebook Page

Scroll down on the general menu to the”Remove Page” section. Find Delete [facebook page name]. Finally, click on OK to confirm the process.

Note that you can not reverse the process. so be totally sure before commencing the process.

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