Convert Video For Youtube: VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

Have you been having issues with how to convert Video For Youtube?  Worry no more because this post will simply teach you how to do just that.

Only precise file formats are supported to be uploaded to YouTube. If you have tried to upload a video to YouTube but the video got rejected because of the incompatible problem, you need to convert the video file to the right formats before publishing it again. One of the best tools for converting videos is VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.

Convert Video For Youtube

Why Choose VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is exclusive in converting video to/from more than 300 video and audio formats. It helps you easily find out the best output settings for YouTube upload, this software is designed with the ability to convert video to YouTube video format directly.

How to Convert Video to YouTube Supported Formats

To upload with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, follow these easy steps below.

  • Add Video Files to the Program

Click on the “Add File” button to choose the video file or files you wish to convert and upload to YouTube.

  • Choose a YouTube Profile for Converting
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Click on the drop-down list of the profile, after doing that, then type “YouTube” in the “Search Profile…” search bar. There are four options: “YouTube Video (.flv)”, YouTube Video (.mp4), “YouTube HD Video (.mp4)”, and “YouTube 4K Video (.mp4)”.

If 720P is what you want to upload you can directly choose “YouTube HD Video (.mp4)”. To upload a 4K video, choose “YouTube 4K Video (.mp4)”.

  • Simply Clip and Edit the Video

Before conversion, it is optional to clip and edit the video, even add 3D effect if you want to convert your 2D video to 3D and upload the 3D video to YouTube. You can click on “Clip”, “3D”, or “Edit” in the toolbar of the main interface to achieve these.

  •  Start Converting Video for YouTube Upload

You can now click the “Convert” button after all the steps are settled, to start converting video for YouTube upload. The conversion will finish automatically in moments. Just be patient to wait.

How to Upload Your Converted Video to YouTube

Here are the steps you need to convert videos:

  • Locate to YouTube website and login with your YouTube account.
  •  Click the “Upload” button.
  • Choose and select the converted video you want to upload.
  • Type in the information for your uploaded video and wait for the upload finishing.
  • After a successful, you can upload Youtube, you can share it with your friends!
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I hope you have learned how to Convert Video through this post. Feel free to give it a try, you will find it interesting. This will come in very handy if you intend to make money from your Youtube channel.



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