Change Facebook Page Name: Step By Step Guide

changfe facebook page name

Mistakes are bound to happen when choosing a page name on facebook. No worries change facebook page name is a process created for you to right the wrong you made when creating your Facebook page.

changfe facebook page name

When you are creating your Facebook page it can be exciting and you are really eager to connect with the unlimited potentials ahead. What most do not realize is that the Facebook page is as much as managing your business. You have to make a decision about why you want a facebook page before starting off.

Most especially you have to know the right name of your business page else you might need to change your facebook page name sometime in the future.

How To Change Facebook Page Name

Ignorance of this has led facebook users to create multiple business pages because there is a mistake in the page name.

Because creating a new page will lead you to start the process of gathering like and follower to your new page. Setting up profiles and making up a new collection of posts on the page.

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Well, no need for all these hassles as we will be walking you through how you can make the change without creating another different page.

Steps By Step Guide

To be able to change a Facebook page name, you have to be a page admin. If you are the admin, then follow these steps else learn how to assign facebook page roles.
  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Click on about from the left side.
  • Locate and click on the edit link next to your Page’s name.
  • Enter a new Page name
  • Then click to continue.
  • Ensure the new name is really what you want
  • Then click Request Change.
There are some cases when you won’t see the edit next to your current page name.
You can not change your facebook page name if
  • You are not an admin on the page
  • The page name was changed recently
  • Have exceeded the limits
  • It is a global Page.

Guidelines To Change Facebook Page Name

Aside from the restriction to admins, these are some of the guidelines to follow when choosing a name.

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You can not include

  • Abusive phrases or phrases that violate the rights of others
  • The word “official” can only be used for brand, place, organization or public figure pages
  • No improper capitalization or use of Symbols or unnecessary punctuation.
  • The Facebook page name is different from descriptions hence it should be short.
  • Avoid using the word “Facebook”
Page names can’t consist only of:
  • Avoid using generalize names and locations


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