WhatsApp Alternatives: 10 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

WhatsApp Alternatives

WhatsApp is almost the most used App on the planet, one would wonder if there are any WhatsApp alternatives. What can I use instead of WhatsApp? Who are WhatsApp competitors? What will I do if WhatsApp stops working on my Phone. Let us take a peek into possible alternatives to WhatsApp.

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the messaging app grown so much. In 2019, over 1.9 billion people communicate with WhatsApp sending over 60 billion messages per day in 2019. When it comes to security, WhatsApp is top-notch with end to end encryption so that users can enjoy accessible communications.

You can use WhatsApp on a desktop or smartphone all thanks to its multi-platform feature. More so, All your data will be available on all devices. It allows you to send text messages, images, and video files. You can also make free voice and video calls and send voice messages too.
However, due to some significant privacy issues Whatsapp encountered in the past, many users just don’t feel like being a part of the huge ecosystem.

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Whatsapp Alternatives

Whatever your concerns about WhatsApp may be, Check out this list of 10 best WhatsApp alternatives you can try today.

1. WeChat

Wechat is a messaging app and an alternative to Whatsapp. It is one of the most popular free chatting apps in China. The registration process for Wechat is similar to how you register to Whatsapp. You need to use your phone number and verification code. WeChat allows you to make send messages, voice calls, share files, location, and make videos for free.

Besides, You can also connect to your email or Facebook to find people who also use WeChat. Wechat is available on multiple platforms like iOS, Andriod, Windows, Mac, and web.

Download:  Android iPhone

2. Viber

Viber is a messaging app just like Whatsapp. It is an online chat that uses contact numbers to identify users. You are required to register with your mobile number and you get a code for verification.

You can call Viber users for free, send messages, images, and videos, and like Whatsapp, it offers a lot of funny stickers to spice up your chats. Viber Messaging App is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Bada, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Download: iPhone | Android

3. Instant Messenger

IM+ is a different class of alternatives to WhatsApp. It is an all-in-one app for messaging in social media accounts. With IM+. You can collect all your chat history from Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, Telegram, and Twitter.

This can save you a lot of time and the most important, a lot of space on your iPhone. You can use multiple accounts per service and uses P2P messaging encryption. It’s available on iOS and Android platforms.

Download: iPhone | Android

4. Telegram

Telegram offers end-to-end encryption for all communication like every other app on this list. The messaging app is one of the fastest-growing Whatsapp alternatives. An estimated 1.5 million users sign up every day in 2020. You can send text and media messages to other users. It is free, open-source, and encrypted. Telegram is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows desktop, Linux (both 32 and 64-bit), macOS, and also offers a web version.

Download: iPhone | Android

5. Wire App

Wire is one of the most secure collaboration platforms. It is a good alternative to WhatsApp for business as it offers Business chats, one-click conference calls, and shared documents — all protected with end-to-end encryption and simple interface. Wire app is one of the best alternatives to Whatsapp business App.

You are required to provide your phone number and email address to sign up. However, your details will not be shared with anyone. Wire is available on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and web.

Download: iPhone | Android

6. Threema

Threema is another great Whatsapp alternative with a similar interface to Whatsapp. You can send text and voice messages, images, and GPS location in the chat.

Threema claims to be completely anonymous allowing you to make an end to end encryption messages. You can sync all your contact list so that you can easily find Threema users. Threema is available on the Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, and iOS platforms.

Download: iPhone | Android

7. Skype

With Skype, you can talk, chat, and collaborate with other users. Skype remains the world’s best-known app for video calls. Skype allows you to send messages, images, and files to a user, make videos, and voice calls. However, the disadvantage is that spammers can send you messages there.

Skype is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows and can be used on both desktop and smartphone.

Download: iPhone | Android

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular fun app that lets you easily with other users. It is unique for creating online Stories that disappear in 24 hours before this feature was stoled by Instagram a while ago and then copied by many other apps.

Snapchat not only allows you to share stories, you can try different funny masks with a camera, but also connect with friends and create your emojis. The App is available on Android, iOS.

Download: iPhone | Android

9. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts can be a perfect Whatsapp Alternative. Hangout allows you to connect and chat with all your friends who have a Gmail account. In a smartphone, it comes as a separate app for sending messages, or you can use it inside Gmail.

Google Hangout is restricted to users who have a Gmail account only. This means that you can not chat with friends who do not have a Gmail account. The app allows you to create group chats, send files, and search the text messages. You can access hangout on the following platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, and Windows.

Download: iPhone | Android

10. Line

Line lets you send messages, make voice and video calls to friends and family when you register to Line. This Alternative to Whatsapp requires your phone number to register. This way you can sync your contact on your list who also use Line and connect with them. You also need an instant internet connection to use this chat app. Line is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Download: iPhone | Android

This is my top 10 pick. However, other worthy mentions include Cyphr, Slack, Voter, Kik among others.

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