Top Travel Apps You Should Install This Holidays

travel apps

Travel apps are a useful collection of apps that you can install on your phone that can come in handy during your trip. It is very easy to identify travelers in a new city because they ask the most questions. It becomes even more difficult in a city where there is a language barrier. Well, these travel apps are those apps that allow you to do a lot on your own in a new city without asking questions.

travel apps

Top Travel Apps That You Should Install

On this list, you will find apps that you already have and new ones that will make your travel memorable.

Map Apps

Undoubtedly one the must-have travel apps on your mobile phone when traveling. Map apps are apps allow you to locate your destination by simply copying and pasting the address of your destination. This will provide you voice guide to the entered address. There are a lot of map apps that are installable on iOS and Andriod, below are some of the best.

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Language Translator

These set of travel apps can save you the hassle of language barriers. They are a perfect communication aid for say an Englishman in Italy or in Spain. you can easily get translation from your English writing to another language and also have the app speak the language. Below are some of the top translation apps.

Language Learning App

While you are on your trip having travel apps that could help you catch up with the language won’t be a bad idea. Language learning apps will enable you to learn a new language through intuitive means. They include through games spelling and more, Below are some of the top apps in this category.

  • Duolingo
  • Babbel
  • Hello talk
  • Lingualift
  • Memrise

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Cab Hailing App

Understanding the transport system of a new place can be a problem let alone knowing the right way to hail a cab. Travel apps that let you hail cabs right from your phone can save you of this worry. All you need do is input the address and the cab will locate you easily.

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Easy¬†Taxi
  • GrabTaxi
  • CURB
  • GETT
  • JUNO
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Booking Apps

These travel apps are surely are life and time saver. You can book for accommodation, flights, and cars in some of them. There is no telling how accommodation can be a problem sometimes as such there is some useful inclusion.

  • Google Flights
  • Airbnb
  • GoEurope
  • Trainline

City Guide Apps

Hiring a guide on your travel is what most travelers are known for especially European. Highly because of the fear of missing out on any of the fun places to go to. These city guides will point you in the direction of sites that you should not miss.

  • TripAdvisor App
  • Gogobot
  • Triposo
  • Tripomatic
  • Foursquare
  • Sidewalk

Communication apps

Communication is an essential travel app because they could help you bridge distances when on a trip. Most of these apps will function as far as there is a functioning internet service. However, if WhatsApp is one of your favorite apps and destination is China. I have bad news for you. WhatsApp is banned in China. I recommend you check out our post on alternatives to WhatsApp.

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Money Apps

It is not only time that changes as you travel across zones in the world. Another changing parameter is money. The value of money varies as your travel across borders. As such these travel apps will keep you alerted of how much you have in different currencies.

  • TansferWise.
  • PayPal
  • Remit2India
  • InstaReM
  • Remitly
  • MoneyGram
  • WorldRemit

These are the essential travel apps you should pack when traveling. These apps will ensure that you get the best out of your vacation trip. You could cheap flights available to you.

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