How To Use Facebook Live: Complete Guide And Tips

facebook live

Facebook live ranks high amongst the most used facebook feature and it is certainly fun using. The reason for this is because it is used by individuals, companies, and organizations. Most notably it is used to broadcast marketing events, live interviews you name it. Virtually anything you want to show to your friends, family, and fans on facebook.

facebook live


Much appreciation for the feature created in 2016 and much to expect. The Facebook statement reveals that there have been over 3.5million facebook live videos created and about 2billion views thus far. It is preferable because it cuts down on your marketing and Tv broadcast budget by a whole lot. Depending on your business, and class of client your potential customers might congregate more on facebook.

How To Use Facebook Live

Making a facebook video from your mobile phone is by far the best and the most common. Below is a simple guide to creating one.

Create FB Live From your Personal Profile

Below are the steps to create a facebook live from your personal profile

  • Launch the facebook mobile app
  • On your newsfeed, tap on the field for “What’s on your mind”
  • Tap on “Go live”
  • In the next settings, you can choose to be visible to the public,  only to friends,  a group, or to a  custom list.
  • Next, choose if you want to make you it as a post or  Facebook story.
  • Scroll down and toggle on the switch to send a notification to friends and followers when you start your facebook live.
  • Now add a description.
  • You can also add other details of your video including
    • Tagging other who are on the video. Just tap on the profile icon.
    • Add your location. tap on the location icon.
  • Tap Live Video
  • Finally tap Start Live Video.

Create FB Live From Your Business Page

Let’s get started

  • From your Facebook business page on
  • Tap on the field to “write something”
  • Locate the “Go live” option with a red video camera icon.
  • Add a description to your facebook live video.
  • Now add details
    •  Tap the location icon to share your location with viewers
    • Also, tap the face icon to share more information
  • You can also control the audience who can view you video. Just tap on the three dots icon and tap geo controls
  • Control potential viewers by
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Location
  • Next Tap “live video” and finally tap start “live video”
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Facebook Live From A Computer

If you prefer going live from a laptop or desktop computer, here is how it is done

  • On the facebook feeds page,  click Live or Live Video.
  • Allow Facebook to use your webcam.
  • Set up facebook live privacy and add your description.
  •  Add a title
  • Click Go Live.

Facebook live allows you to view real-time comments and see viewers joining in your live video. There you can reply to them as soon as a comment is dropped.

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