Google Chrome Extensions: Everything You Need To Know

google chrome extension

Google Chrome extensions are simple software to your chrome to make it do more than the browser was meant to do. There are thousands of extensions available to do a whole bunch of stuff. There are browsers that can help you download a video, save Instagram video, view website ranking and more.

google chrome extension

Steps To Install Google Chrome Extensions

These thousands of google chrome extensions can be found on the chrome web store.  The Webs store houses the trusted extension that you can install as recommended by google.

  • Go to Chrome Web Store
  • Locate the search field
  • Type the name of the extension you want to install and press enter.
  • From the search result of google chrome extensions, click the one you want.
  • Click on details to view more information
  • Then click on add to Chrome.

Note: You might be asked to sign in again to your google account.

Disable or Delete Google Chrome Extensions

There are times that some google chrome extensions will affect the functioning of your browser. Most especially if you have found a way to installing an unapproved extension. There are chances that you will definitely encounter bad extensions.

Here is what you do to get rid of them

  • Type chrome://extensions on your Chrome or
  • Alternatively, tap the menu button (the three vertical dots) at the top right corner.
  • Go to More tools
  • Then, select the extensions option.
  • Next to the extension you want to disable are the manage options
  • Uncheck the enable option to disable or remove to uninstall

When you turn off or disable google chrome extensions, you can simply turn it back on again without re-installing. However to remove an extension means trashing it, uninstalling or deleting it. This means that you will have to reinstall if you want it again.

If you are uninstalling suspicious google chrome extensions, ensure to put a report through by ticking the appropriate box before uninstalling.

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To reenable an extension, simply go back to the extension page on the setting and switch it back on. On disable position the switch grey in color while on the switch on position the switch will be blue in color.

Top Google Chrome Extensions You Should Know

Below are some top google chrome extensions that can help you do a whole lot.

Computer Break Reminder: eyeCare

If your job requires you to work a whole lot of hours on the computer, this extension will certainly be of help. It notifies you of when to give your eyes a break. It allows you to set how much time you want between reminders.

URL Saver: Save to Pocket

URL saver is a way to save a website that you want to view later. The google chrome extension allows you to view articles, videos, and other media any time across all your devices.

World Clock: FoxClocks

Those who work with different time zones will appreciate the need for this google chrome extension. The fox clocks extension helps to display the time around the world at the bottom of your browser.

Tab Manager: Tab Wrangler

The google chrome extension makes your browser less clumsy with random open tabs. It targets tabs that have been open and idle for more than  20 minutes, or whatever interval you choose. It takes note of your important tabs that you do not wish to close. As users can lock tabs even after the timer expires and you can easily go back to closed tabs.

Ad Blocker: Adblock Plus

Ads can be really annoying in the generation where data and swift working on the internet is cherished. Adblocker plus enables you to block video and social media advertising and viruses. The google chrome extension blocks any pop up with ads features.

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Coupon Code Finder: Honey

Everyone loves to cut costs every now and then. The coupon finder helps you track down the prices of a product on the internet and help you shop cheap.

Grammar Checker: Grammarly

If grammar wasn’t your best subject in school, try Grammarly. It’s like an English teacher standing over your shoulder, correcting your grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes as you write. It works whether you’re writing an essay for class, composing an email for work, or just creating a Facebook post.

Password Manager: LastPass

With so many website breaches, you can’t be too careful about password use. LastPass helps you create strong passwords and store them along with your user names, then sync them across all your devices. With this extension, you only need to remember one strong password to access your LastPass vault.

Browser Customization: Live Start Page

Enjoy an entirely new browser experience with living wallpapers, weather reports, a to-do list, clocks, and (for when you need a break) a meditation mode. The living wallpapers are especially soothing, with beautiful nature scenes. Use the free version or pay for premium.

Scheduler: Zoom Scheduler

If you use Zoom for video conferences, try this extension to schedule meetings directly from Google Calendar, or start an instant meeting. Invitation recipients will see the meeting URL and information in their invite message. Note that, while the addon is free, Zoom itself is a paid service.

Calendar: Google Calendar

This extension helps you stay organized by allowing you to add new events from websites that you visit. You can also see appointments and events without leaving the page. It’s easy to change, delete, or repeat calendar entries, and you can sync it with other calendar apps.

Task List: Todoist

This straightforward task list helps you stay on track with all your goals. Use tags to indicate priorities and separate work from home. Didn’t get everything done? No worries, you can easily move uncompleted tasks to another day. Use the free version or upgrade for additional features.

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Quote Creator: Pablo

perfect for social media posting? Now you don’t have to look; you can create it yourself with Pablo. Just paste the quote and choose the perfect background photo and other design elements.

Dictionary: Instant Dictionary

When you come across a word you don’t know online, you can haul out your old paper dictionary, hunt down an online one and wait while it looks up the word, or use Instant Dictionary. This essential extension allows you to find word definitions just by double-clicking a word.

Goal Tracker: Hey Habit

Looking to drink more water? Increase reading time with your kids? Complete a certain number of sales calls per week? Hey, Habit can help you get into a new habit, whatever it may be, by allowing you to track when you perform the tasks you’ve assigned yourself.

Productivity Minder: Strict Workflow

If you have a tendency to “find yourself” on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, and end up staying there instead of completing your work, you need Strict Workflow. It blocks sites that distract you for 25 minutes, then gives you a 5-minute break to look at adorable kittens.

Online Time Tracker: Mindful Browsing

This extension helps you decrease your use of nonproductive websites by asking if you really want to spend time there. If you browse to Facebook, for example, but then choose not to proceed, it gives you alternative options like taking five deep breaths or going for a short walk.

Inspiration: My Quotes

With My Quotes, each time you open a new tab, you get a new quote like, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” Stay motivated with these inspiring words and the lovely accompanying graphics and music. New entries are added regularly.

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