Freelance Writing Jobs: Top Website To Get Writing Jobs

freelancer writing jobs

It is no more a secret that a lot of people actually work and make money from home. Freelance writing jobs are some of the most popular ways people actually get to make money. Although blogging, design websites, graphics designing are some of the most popular freelance jobs,  Freelance writing jobs are pretty much easier for a couple of reasons including.

freelancer writing jobs

Why You Should Consider Freelance Writing Jobs

  • It does not require specialized skills
  • Requires just your ability to read and write
  • They are by far the most popular Freelance job
  • Takes less time than most freelance skills.
  • You can easily research online.

Top Sites To Get Freelance Writing Jobs

Here are some of the sites you can register on to get writing jobs.


Upwork is one of the websites on the top of freelance writing jobs.  The website has been around for a while haven changed name twice in its history. Upwork was previously oDesk and Elance. The website has indeed has been on a long road towards success and now it has affiliation with several top companies around the world.

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Upowork takes both long term and short projects, hourly or per-project work. However, what makes it really trendy in recent times is building a system that does not regard your level in your career level or how many freelance writing jobs you have completed.


This website offers a whole of freelance opportunities such as  Web Design and development, Video and Audio productions, animation,  Sales and Marketing and writing amongst more. The website allows users to give their hourly fee at and clients place an order based on the prices.


Fiverr ishas a unique freelance offers generally by giving out what they can offer for $5 (five-rr). As such clients can place an order base on the search. Additional fiverr use your completed jobs to sell you to future clients as they will naturally go for those that have good track records of completion of projects.

They also offer you the opportunity to build your freelance writing job opportunities through free courses and certification tests. is definitely the right place to start your freelance writing jobs. A site that was previously known as GetAFreelancer and GAF for short. They have worked themselves to the apex of the freelance business. One thing they have more than the post is a large pool of jobs to choose from.

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Freelance gives you a way of standing out with various certification tests and a subscription fee that will help you stay ahead of other freelancers.


iwriter is one of the best websites where you can find freelance writing jobs. It is a site that all who desire writing as freelance should be on.

It is possibly the biggest writers gathering online. You can find thousands of writing offers available at good offer prices.


Indeed is one of the popular ones when it comes to freelance writing jobs. It is a world’s site with over 200 million unique monthly visitors coming from over 60 countries.

Surely the crowd is a definite assurance that you might just get someone to work with from the large numbers of traffic in the site.


Problogger is one of the oldest freelance writing job sites. It offers writing jobs for experts and beginners. It is one of the sites where it is actually very easy to get your first writing job.


These are our picks of top websites where you can actually earn from writing as a freelancer.

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