Enable Two Factor Authentication on Facebook

Two factor authentication

In a bid to keep hackers and persons with nefarious intention out of your account. Two Factor authentication was introduced. It serves as a vital layer of protection for your google account. I might not need to explain how important your google account is to you. However, for starters, your one google account links to virtually all google platform. It is something like a ticket to google party. As such save gauarding it should be of extreme importance more than you know.

Two factor authentication

How To Enable/Disable Two Factor Authentication

Let’s start by logging into your  Facebook account would be a good start. Click on  Settings (The little down arrow icon) in the top right-hand corner.

Locate Settings as second to the last option.

  • locate and open the Settings menu. Click the ▼ in the bar at the top of the page and select “Settings”.
  • Locate and select the Security option in the left menu. A new page will automatically launch.
  • Find and click on the edit button for  “Use two-factor authentication” option.
  • Then click on the Get Started button to begin the setup process for the two-factor Authentication.
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The next step is very vital as you will be prompted to choose a verification method.

You can choose between a reviving a code

    • Via a text message- This works independently of data connection as the code to verify your account will come as a text
    • Authentication app- Your account will be verified through an app. However, without a data connection, it won’t work.

The text messages are usually the easiest of the two but also less secure. While the authentication apps method is secure but more complex than others.

Using Text Messages

Type in your mobile number (if prompted). Because there needs to be a phone number attached to your Facebook account. This the number Facebook will send your code to. aside that you can not use two-factor security without entering your phone number.

  • You might be prompted to enter your password in order to verify your identity.
  • Wait till you receive a code on your phone number.
  • Enter the code to verify your number.
  • Click on Finish.

Using a Two Factor Authentication App

  • Download an authenticator app.
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  • Next Scan the QR code that will be displayed by Facebook. Scan the QR code through the two-factor authenticator app (Your phone’s camera should be working well). However, if you can not scam the code for some reason, enter displayed by facebook into the app. Follow the on-screen directions to add the account.
  • Enter the same code displayed on the app.
  • Enter your password again if prompted. Then click Submit.

Setting up Recovery Codes

Recovery codes are special codes that one-time code that you can use to open your account instead of your two-step verification code. You can use this code at a point where you don’t have access to your phone.

  • Go to the two-factor authentication menu.
    • Go to Settings
    • Security and Login
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Then click on Edit next to the option for “Use two-factor authentication”.
  • Now scroll down and click on Setup next to “Recovery Codes”.
  • Enter your password  again if prompted.
  • Click on Get Codes.
  • Copy or print the recovery codes in a safe place. You could also memorize it if you are that sharp because this code could prove important someday.
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However, if your recovery codes get compromised, or you have exhausted them all. Then all you need to do is head back to this screen and click on “Get New Codes”  in order to replace all your recovery codes.

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