Best Android Web Browsers in 2019

best Android web browsers

Our Android phones come with a lot of important apps. One of the most important apps on any device is the Andriod web browser. Let’s take a look at some of the best Android web browsers of 2019.

There are many android web browsers that can be easily downloaded in the google play store. Find the web browser that possesses the right features and performance can literally change your entire experience.

Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is basically one of the best browsers available on the Android platform. Firefox has continued to roll out updates on its app.

In 2018, Firefox rolled out an update dubbed Quantum. The update promised to add stability, quickness and a new UI. Overall Results from that update has been very positive, though it took a while to take effect.

Mozilla Firefox
Best Android web browser

The Browser is simple and fast. It also features a cross-platform bookmark and tab syncing, add-ons and lots more. Mozilla Firefox works on multiple platforms hence not limited to Android phones.

For user security, it can detect and block phishing schemes from known websites. It also blocks the download of malicious files that may contain ransomware, Trojans and viruses.  entirely free as usual.

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For more information, Kindly visit the Mozilla Official Website.

You can also Download Mozilla on google play

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is arguably one of the best and most popular Android browsers. This simply because it comes pre-installed on Andriod devices. Google Chrome is easy to use, secure and it syncs your preferences and bookmarks across multiple devices.

The browser has a clean and intuitive interface. It boasts of a well-organized layout and Its features and icons are clearly marked and are easy to understand.

It has top security features that include malware and phishing protection.

However, Chrome isn’t as fast as Mozilla as navigating from one page to another took almost five seconds and comes in a slightly large file.

For more information, Kindly visit the Google Chrome Official Website
You can also download Google Chrome on google play

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge came after Internet Explorer was scraped. Although Microsoft Edge is still a work in Progress, many have come to agree that the Microsoft Edge is a leap forward from its predecessor.

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It is faster, more stable and secure especially against phishing website.

Microsoft Edge is still far from being a champion, once has to accept the strides it has achieved in a short time. Undoubtedly more updates are being anticipated in coming months.

For more infomation, Kindly visit the Microsoft Edge Official Website

You can also download Edge on google play store.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the newer Android web browsers. It was launched in 2016 and has a variety of features among which is a built-in adblocker. You can keep track of all the stuff that it blocks

The browser can block scripts, third-party cookies amongst others. The brave browser boasts of speed, security (If not too much security) and it maintains support for Chrome extensions.

This is not surprising as the newer version is built based on Chromium– the open-source web browser project that was started by Google.

For more information, Kindly visit the Brave Official Website

You can also Download brave on google play

Other worthy mentions include Dolphin browser, Ucweb browser, Opera Mini browser among others.

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